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Members are an integral part of the success of the Club. Members enjoy the privilege of meeting other classic and unique car enthusiasts, participating in local car shows and events. We appreciate ALL our members! Members are encouraged to attend our Monday Night Cruise Nights and to volunteer in any activities in which the Car Club will/may decide to participate.  A monthly newsletter with information about upcoming events will be sent to all members.

Membership objective

Rebels Classic Car & Hot Rod club wants to create a club image with a strong community reputation that makes our members proud. Providing members with great membership opportunties through community involvement and membership bonuses. Most importantly, our club provides the ability for member to socialize, support one another and the community, and have fun.



Membership Fee:  Annually $40 for new or renewals. Subsequent years can be $30 if no hat is required. Membership term will one year based on calendar years and fees will not be pro-rated.


Club Membership card given at the start of the season or shortly after registration. Members will be in good standing if membership fee is paid each year on renewal and member abides by Club Rules and Code of Conduct.


First chance to participate in Special Events when club members are invited by outside parties.   Member discretion to participate. (Includes other car shows, photo shoots, etc.)


Membership is a non-voting membership, however, members are encouraged to provide input on an ongoing basis to improve the overall quality of the club.


Members will receive special offers from sponsors and other organizations throughout the year, as they may become available.


Members are encouraged to provide assistance throughout the season to help with the setup and tear down that is required each Monday for the Cruise Nights. As well members are encouraged to help as necessary for other events in which the club may be involved.


Membership is non-transferrable









The Executive Committee, at its sole option, may make changes to Fees and Club benefits, rules, and Code of Conduct, at any time.

The Executive Committee has the ability to include/exclude changes to the membership inclusions.

Membership does not require a member to have a vehicle or a vehicle in working order at time of registration, nor throughout the year long membership.

Members are expected to behave in a manner that is respectful, considerate of other members and respectful of events held by the Rebels Classic Car & Hot Rod Club, both in person and online, so as not to impugn the reputation of the Club.

Members participate in all Club events/gatherings at their own risk to person and property.  Club assumes no responsibility nor liability for any injury or damage incurred.

The Executive Committee may revoke membership at any time without a refund of membership dues upon notice provided by email or text to the member or delivered in person.


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Club Membership

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Rebels Classic Car & Hot Rod Club is the product of a lifelong passion for vintage, hot rod and classic cars combined with a strong desire to give back to the community and bring people together. Our directors have longed for a weekly community night for classic car enthusiasts to return to the City of Burlington and thus Rebels Classic Car & Hot Rod Club was born. We have been dreaming of and developing this Not-for-Profit entity over the last several years and, with the challenges presented with COVID-19, have only just now been able to make this dream a reality. Despite this delay, Rebels Classic Car & Hot Rod Club is ready to join the Burlington community and start giving back. With community gatherings becoming a possibility again, Rebels Classic Car & Hot Rod Club believes that, now more than ever, we need to have a weekly car night in our City that gives people an opportunity to give back to the organizations and charities that keep our community thriving.

Sponsor Us

We thank you in advance for your support for Rebels Classic Car & Hot Rod Club and helping make a difference in our community.

Certificate of Appreciation

Your name and company recognition in ALL print & digital platforms. Branding opportunities at ALL events. Only one sponsorship opportunity available each year.  

2 free prominent promotions/specials per year on Club website home page, exhibitor booth space at all of our events where available.  Promotion/specials per quarter on Club social media page and handouts at events. Company logo included on promotions for club-hosted shows. Branding opportunities and engagement with vehicle owner & visitors at all our events where available.   Exclusive sponsorship rights in your business category.

Specially Branded Cruise Night with Display Table & Presentation of a Branded Sponsor Pick of the Week Award to vehicle of your choice

Name, Logo & Link on Club website

Distribution of your promotional materials at Club events.

Our Cruise Night Main Sponsor

We do encourage providing door prizes at the event to help drive interest to your display and business when available.